Why "Phantasia Technologies"?
The name "Phantasia", rooted in Latin, translates to "fantasy" and encapsulates our mission. The name embodies the profound transformation that has taken place in the realm of A.I. Our company, once deemed an elusive concept confined to the realms of science fiction and fantasy, has emerged as a tangible force of innovation. "Phantasia" not only pays homage to the past perceptions of A.I. but also heralds our pivotal role in turning those imaginative dreams into reality. Just as fantasy transcends boundaries, so too does our A.I. technology, pushing the boundaries of what was once thought possible.

Our Mission
At Phantasia Technologies, our mission is to revolutionize industries by harnessing the power of novel Artificial Intelligence. We are driven to guide companies in various industries towards goals previously thought to be unreachable. Through the use of our state-of-the-art A.I. models, we've pushed boundaries, fostering unparalleled innovation and transforming the landscape of possibilities.



CJ Ripepi

Chief Executive Officer

“Offer someone a better tomorrow, and they’ll be a motivated person today.” - Vince Wilcox

Justin Kunzi

Chief Technology Officer

"There is nothing impossible to him who will try"
- Alexander The Great

News & Press

Phantasia Technologies launches artificial intelligence toolkit for garland industries

Phantasia Technologies, an artificial intelligence innovator, has announced the successful launch of its state-of-the-art AI-powered product manager toolkit...
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Cleveland AI-Tech Company Elevates Industry with New Toolkit for Garland Industries

This innovative tool is set to redefine the way technical product information is accessed and utilized, marking a significant advancement in AI-driven product management...
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Garland Industries


Our team developed a sophisticated system enabling sales professionals to effortlessly access product documentation. Using natural language queries, salespeople can now swiftly retrieve crucial information, streamlining their workflow and enhancing overall efficiency.

Finance Industry Logo

Investment Firm


A prominent investment firm partnered with our company to revolutionize their document analysis process, specifically focusing on Limited Partnership Agreements (LPAs) an the ability to effeciently parse and find answers to client questions automatically.

Finance Industry Logo

Insurance Firm


A Property and Casualty Insurance company joined forces with our company to transform their document processing capabilities, focusing on parsing insurance policies to help employees generate insurance proposals for their clients.


Large Language Models (LLM)

An LLM, or Large Language Model, is a powerful artificial intelligence system that excels in natural language understanding and generation. It is beneficial for our specialties as it enables advanced language processing, facilitates intelligent communication, and empowers various applications such as chatbots, sentiment analysis, and content creation, enhancing our capabilities in delivering innovative and effective solutions.

Computer Vision

See the unseen with computer vision. Transform visual data into actionable insights, whether it's for quality control, object recognition, or enhancing the customer experience through augmented reality.

Predictive Analytics

Anticipate future trends and outcomes with our predictive analytics. Harness the power of machine learning algorithms to forecast market changes, customer behaviors, and resource requirements.

Intelligent Process Automation & Cloud Computing

Streamline your operations with our intelligent process automation. From document processing to workflow optimization, we automate repetitive tasks, reducing errors and enhancing overall efficiency on your existing or new cloud infastructure.

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